Miracles of Quran

Miracles of Quran is a children’s book written by Kamarul Chawdhry, the same author of “Prophet Mohammad: Faith and Prophethood”. This was published by Khalil Books under the title “Miracles of Quran”. The book contains several feats of the prophet that have been recorded in the Quran.

Progress of Islam

This book talks about the progress of Islam throughout the ages and how it has changed over the years. It also talks about the civilization that we live in today. Miracles of Quran talks about the true path followed by Islam during the days of Jahiliyyah. It speaks about the great leaders of Islam that were much ahead of their time.

World Governments

This book also talks about the governments of the world and their approach towards Islam. It talks about the fight between Islam and Christianity. It also talks about the holy war that was waged by Muslims against the Christians.


In this book, many prophecies of Islam are given to the children and it also highlights the defects of the Muslims. Miracles of Quran talks about the death of the prophet and his death in Quran is important for the believers.

There are some verses that can bring back the prophets to life. A certain verse in the Quran says that the animals have been given the ability to speak and those who are left alive can speak the message to a person’s heart.

Miracles of Muhammad

The book also talks about the miracles of Muhammad and his intercession. Miracles of Quran talks about the injustice done to the martyrs of the religion. It talks about the constant obstacles that they face in their paths.

This book gives insights to children and to all the young ones who are interested in religious matters, history and the Holy Books. There are also few children’s stories in this book and they are very well written. Many years ago, when this book was first written, there were some problems with translation and some errors were committed by the authors. Since then, this book has been improved and has received commendations from the Muslims.